Sacred Name Teaching Series

The reason for this series stems from the persistence of the Sacred Name Doctrine in revisiting us from time-to-time - sometimes pulling away from us loving people, whose loss in our fellowship is greatly felt. We DO have a reason for our steadfastness in refusing to adopt the Sacred Name Doctrine in our Fellowship until the Messiah returns, which will be expressed clearly in this Series.

We hope that you, the listener, will take to heart what you hear and understand that it is for the love of the Jewish people and their salvation that we refrain from offending them by something we say before they hear the Gospel. We must realize that Yeshua (Jesus) is enough of an offense to Jewish people without our becoming an additional offense preventing them from hearing the Gospel and coming to faith in their own Messiah!

I have been blessed to have been in the "Messianic Movement" as it is called for over 25 years and have seen much good in it, particularly where it comes to outreach to Jewish people with the Gospel of the Messiah and the observance of Torah. BUT there is another "Movement" infiltrating the "Messianic Movement" that has brought about division in many Messianic congregations and that is the "Sacred Name" Movement, a Movement that insists that unless one calls upon the Name of the Lord - however they pronounce it - that one cannot be saved. This book explores the subject.

The following teachings are unedited Audio messages with PowerPoint and Handouts that were shown to the original audience.

Audio Teaching - Part 1 - January 18, 2014
    This session answers the question, "Why this Study?"

    Making a defense for the hope that lies within us.

    Regarding Ancient Names

    The Many Names of God

    Knowing a name: controlling the god you wish to beseech

    Jewish Circumlocutions for the Name of God

Part 1.mp3

PowerPoint Presentation - Part 1

PowerPoint Presentation Part 1

Handout: Not Just Another Church

Not Just Another Church

Audio Teaching - Part 2 - January 25, 2014
    Pronouncing a Word - You Must HEAR it to Pronounce it!

    No Vowels in original Biblical Hebrew

    The Massoretes - insertion of vowel points (nikudot) into the biblical Hebrew

    The Tetragrammaton - The 4 Letters - YHVH

    Random placing of the Nikudot into the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) demonstrates that there are many different pronunciations as the vowel points change. This is the reason why even the Sacred Name adherents do not know how the Name is pronounced!

    Pronouncing the Sacred Name of God

    In the Future Return of Yeshua (Jesus) - the Name will return with Him - Revelation 19:11 & 12

Part 2.mp3

PowerPoint Presentation - Part 2

PowerPoint Presentation Part 2

Audio Teaching - Review of Part 1 and Part 2 - February 1, 2014
    Review of Parts 1 and 2

    Most of us came to faith in Yeshua through the Name "Jesus"

    Question asked in part 2: "If He [God] is not offended by our saying [Name]; then why are we kept from saying [Name]?"

    Referenced the Previous Handout - Not Just Another Church

    Offending Observant Jewish People

    We want to see Jewish people saved

    Romans 1:16 - Gospel is power of salvation: to the Jews first and also to the Greeks

    Romans 10 - Sha'ul (Paul- the Apostle to the Gentiles) desire to see Jewish people saved. Those who "call upon the name of the Lord will be saved"

    Faith comes from can they call on Him if they haven't heard?

    If Jews don't hear, how can they be saved?

    What value is it to non-Jewish believers if Jewish people come to faith in their messiah? Much!

    Messianic congregations: Called to reach out to BOTH Jewish people AND non-Jewish people (Romans 1:16)

    We are not to be rock of offense.

    Setting aside our "personal preferences" for the sake of speaking the Gospel.

    Romans 14 - Not to cause our brother to stumble.

    The greatest form of anti-Semitism is in not sharing the Gospel with Jewish people so that they will be saved.

    Regarding offenses in the assembly

    The use of the Sacred Name is offensive to observant Jewish people

    Sacred Name adherents do not even know "The Name"

    Offensive Video of a Little Black Boy being goaded into profane words and gestures. Are you offended by this?

    The Power of Words: Life or Death

Review Part 1 and 2.mp3

PowerPoint Presentation - Review of Part 1 and Part 2 WARNING: Slide 74 contains OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE! If you don't want to hear or see it, please bypass that slide.

PowerPoint Presentation Review of Part 1 and Part 2

Audio Teaching - Part 3 - February 8, 2014

Regretfully, the recording device only recorded 23 minutes of the presentation. Nevertheless, you DO have the PowerPoint which will help you to understand what was talked about. Simply put: The prophecies regarding the use of the Sacred Name have to do with the Future Messianic reign of Messiah Yeshua on this earth - NOT this present time. Those who are into the Sacred Name for today are reading into the passages what they want them to say.

    "Context, Context, Context"

    Handout: To Call Upon the Name of the Lord

    Appearances of the Phrase in the Scripture

    Joel 2:32 and Zephaniah 3:9

    Future Prophecies - AFTER the "Day of the Lord": Messianic Reign

    Use of the Joel 2:32 prophecy by Kefa (Peter) and Sha'ul (Paul) in their Day

    Were Peter and Paul wrong?

    God's Prophets: Looking down the Corridor of Time

    Still Unfulfilled Prophecies, though Period Started in Peter and Paul's Day

    Prophecies will be totally fulfilled when Messiah Yeshua Returns (Revelation 19) WITH HIS NAME!

    It is THEN that we ALL will KNOW HIS NAME and will CALL UPON HIS NAME!

    NOT Before!

Part 3.mp3

PowerPoint Presentation - Part 3

PowerPoint Presentation Part 3

Handout: To Call Upon the Name of the Lord

To Call Upon the Name of the Lord

Audio Teaching - Part 4 - February 15, 2014
    Salvation in the Name

    Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: Did they Know the Name?

    Exodus 3:15 - Moses told the Name

    Exodus 6:2-4 - Abraham, Isaac and jacob did NOT know the Name.

    Contradiction? Genesis 12;8 - Abraham called upon the Name of the Lord.

    Contradiction? Genesis 2:4; Genesis 4:26 - Men called upon the Name of the Lord

    Possible Solutions:

    Moses wrote the Torah. Moses heard the Name in Exodus 3. Neither Abraham, Isaac, Jacob nor any other man actually KNEW the Name prior to Moses. Yet, Moses wrote the Name Yud Hay Vav Hay where appropriate as he was writing about the true God.

    Genesis 10:5 - Before there were languages (Genesis 11) Genesis 10 speaks of the descendants being separated by languages. [If there were no languages in Genesis 10, how could God separate them by languages?]

    Another possibility: Perhaps men knew the Name before Moses, yet did not know the character behind the Name until Moses.

    Or another possibility: the phrase is a Hebraic idiom: Idioms are not to be interpreted literally.

    Be careful NOT to literalize an idiom. Be careful NOT to anachronize. Be careful NOT to eisegete instead of exegete.

    The phrase "Call upon the Name of the Lord" is an Hebraic idiom. The interpretation is found in Isaiah 64:7.

    In the Future Return of Yeshua (Jesus) - the Name will return with Him - Revelation 19:11 & 12

Part 4.mp3

PowerPoint Presentation - Part 4

PowerPoint Presentation Part 4

Audio Teaching - Conclusion - February 22, 2014


PowerPoint Presentation - Conclusion

PowerPoint Presentation Conclusion