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" the Jew first and also to the Greek." - Romans 1:16

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On occasion I shall be adding to this page links that I believe hold a special place in my heart and is well worth your attention and support.

Rescue Israel is a organization whose purpose is to help fund and build the work of Rescue, helping the homeless, the poor and the addicted find help and hope so they can become godly, productive citizens in the Land of Israel.

The homeless and the addicted in Israel are the same as in an other country: They are the least and last of the society in which they live. They are generally forgotten by most and treated as outcasts. However, they are just like you and me. They have, or at least had at one time, hopes and dreams about a better life. They want to be treated with dignity and respect. Most do not want to be where they are at but they do not know how to change, do not have the resources to help them change and generally do not know where to turn for help.

RESCUE Israel is a non-denominational, intercongregational work of God to help bring about lasting change: hope from despair, meaning from meaninglessness, sobriety from addiction, a life of purpose from the ash heap of brokenness and a new life in Yeshua, Jesus the Christ, the Messiah of Israel. We work hand in hand with many organizations in order to accomplish our Mission and Vision.

The commitment of Rescue is to demonstrate the love of God and share the Good News of the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah, Jesus the Christ. The high calling of RESCUE Israel is to see individuals come to faith in Yeshua, Jesus the Christ as their Lord and Savior.

I was part of the Board of Rescue Israel for several years and I can speak from experience about the integrity, love, and professionalism of the people in this organization. Rescue Israel is well worth your prayers and financial support.

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My Alma Mater. I just received my Doctor of Theology - Th.D. degree from Biblical Life College & Seminary in January, 2008!

One of the greatest needs of independent, Spirit-Filled ministers is an educational system that is not limited by distance and is built around the distinctives of a Holy Spirit empowered ministry. Biblical Life College & Seminary was founded in 1982 to meet this need by offering ministerial studies and theological degree programs through distance learning (i.e. home study). BLCS has over 5,000 graduates around the world and thousands of active students preparing for ministry or making their ministries more effective through a dynamic, biblically balanced ministerial education through distance learning. BLCS continues to be on the cutting edge of present truths by offering a balanced approach to understanding our Hebraic heritage.

BLCS offers distance learning diploma and degree programs in the follow areas:

Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Diploma to Bachelor in Biblical Studies
  2. Diploma to Bachelor of Biblical Counseling
  3. Diploma to Bachelor of Biblical Studies - Hebraic Heritage Studies.

Graduate Programs:

  1. Master of Theological Studies
  2. Master of Theology
  3. Master of Divinity
  4. Master of Biblical Counseling
  5. Master of Divinity in Biblical Counseling
  6. Master of Theology in Hebraic Heritage Studies
  7. Master of Divinity in Hebraic Heritage Studies
  8. Master of Christian Education
  9. Doctor of Theological Studies
  10. Doctor of Theology
  11. Doctor of Ministry
  12. Doctor of Biblical Counseling
  13. Doctor of Christian Education.

Michael K. Lake, Th.D., D.R.E., Chancellor & Internationally Respected Educational Consultant of Biblical Life College & Seminary [Phone: (417) 859-0881] is very helpful and has a heart for educating God's people! If you're looking for a Biblical education from a Hebraic perspective, please visit their site: Click Here

To order Biblical Life College & Seminary books and course material Order Here